About Bahia


The perfect destination for thousands of people seeking recreation and adventure, Bahia surprises for the big amount of attractions it has. Its natural beauties are scattered all over the coastline for more than 1000 km. The Costas do Descobrimento, Baleias and Coqueiros are some of its natural charms with extensive range of attractions.

Beaches like Itacaré, Costa do Sauípe, Morro de São Paulo and Trancoso, have charmful resorts and Inns and are a true paradises to rest and enjoy nature. The Chapada Diamantina, a leading ecotourism destinations in Brazil, is a perfect place for hiking, trekking and to explore caves.

The State preserves a rich cultural heritage in its churches, museums and old mansions. In Salvador, there's no shortage of famous attractions, like the Farol da Barra and the Pelourinho, listed by Unesco as a World Heritage. And the capital stirs with excitement during Carnival, when millions of people dance behind the trios elétricos - trucks with speakers that drive through the streets of the city.

Bahian cuisine is very traditional. In the trays of the baianas, you can prove the acarajévatapá and several other spicy dishes made with delicious palm oil. The joy of its people mixes African influences in music, dance and religion.

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